Protective device for hydraulic breakers

The protective device adds to the safety of the working environment and decreases the noise levels

Working with a hydraulic breaker in an excavator produces a lot of noise and small bits of stone that fly around. These can be dangerous to other equipment and people who work in the same area. To solve this problem, Finnsuoja Oy developed Finnsuoja SP-1 - the protective device for hydraulic breakers.

This sort of protection device is a new innovation. It consists of a durable, vulcanised rubber hood; two hydraulic cylinders; fastening lugs; and its own, separate hydraulics system that is connected to the work machine's auxiliary hydraulics line.

The device was developed for five years in collaboration with earthwork contractors - this way we were able to increase the device's durability and usability. The protective device has been granted utility model. An international PCT patent application has also been issued for the device.

The hydraulic breaker protective device has noticeable benefits

  • It diminishes the amount of danger and damage to the surrounding work areas due to flying stone shrapnel and protects machinery and people.
  • It clearly decreases the amount of dust and noise (ca. 5-10 dB decrease), and enables running the breaker continuously in demanding circumstances, such as town areas.
  • It provides considerable savings in work costs by decreasing idle time for work machines.
  • Installation is simple and maintenance is easy for the device, with low need for maintenance.
  • The protective device is fitted to all breakers by their make and size.

The Finnsuoja SP-1 device can be installed to all hydraulic breaker types available on the market, and all sizes can be accommodated. If your work machine does not have a separate hydraulics steering line, we can easily install it for you. We use high-quality Dynaset auxiliary hydraulic valves in our installations.

Our device has nothing but satisfied customers! Many earthwork and mining companies and demolition businesses have been able to achieve notable cost savings thanks to our device. Click here to read more about our customers' experiences!

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