Blasting mats

Finnsuoja brings you high-quality blasting mats made in Finland

Finnsuoja sells high-quality, Finnish blasting mats made of truck tyres. We work in cooperation with the recycling business professional Kuusakoski Oy and Hemave Oy, manufacturer of blasting mats.

Our blasting mats measure between 1.5-27 m² and there are 2 to 6 lifting lugs to a mat. The mats are tied down with six 16-mm steel cables, tightened hydraulically, and fastened with cable heads. This way the mats retain their shape and they are easy to place on top of the blasting field or perpendicularly to a rock wall, for example. The blasting mats are extremely durable and can last for generations when used properly.

Blasting mat delivery

Our delivery times are 1-2 weeks from placing an order. The most common sizes we may even be able to ship on the next day, straight from our warehouse.
Delivery is always made at affordable freight rates. 

Contact us and place your order for top-quality blasting mats for your mining needs!