Finnsuoja Oy - Construction and mining equipment

Finnsuoja Oy sells construction and mining equipment and protective devices

Finnsuoja Oy is a family business, founded in 2010 and based in Jyväskylä, that specialises in construction, excavation, and mining protective devices, equipment, and machinery. We manufacture and sell a hydraulic breaker protective device that we have developed ourselves. We also provide blasting mats, excavator buckets and other equipment in this field, such as various types of filters, lubricants, and welding and electric generators.

Our hydraulic breaker protective shield, Finnsuoja SP-1, fits all available hydraulic breakers on the market. When using this type of breaker, the shield prevents damage to the surrounding area, decreases noise levels, and provides cost savings. Our high-quality blasting mats, in turn, offer a way to protect your blasting field, and our selection of buckets offers a suitable option for excavators of any size. With our products, your construction or demolition projects become more functional and efficient.

The products we represent are of the highest quality in their field - our customers get the most out of their business. Our clientele includes construction and mining companies, machinery contractors, farms, the industry, cities, and townships.

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