Buckets and other products from Finnsuoja

Our product line covers excavator buckets, filters, lubricants, and other quality products for all needs of excavation and demolition work.


We sell buckets that fit all machinery - all the way from small work machines to large excavators weighing dozens of tons. High-quality Pomemet and Stark excavator buckets are among our product selection.

You can find, among others, the following bucket models in our offering:


We provide filters for the industry and for the needs of various machinery and equipment. Our line offers oil filters, air filters, fuel filters, and hydraulic filters. Among the brands we provide are Airfil, Donaldson, and Baldwin.

Welding and electric generators

Finnsuoja offers you Mosa combustion engine -powered welding and electric generators.

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Other products

Our product selection also covers Texaco lubricants, Secoroc rock drilling products, and Ylimet fuel tanks.

Ylimet fuel tanks

The Ta-So tanks comply with all the standards and have the required approvals

  • For groundwater areas, near waterways
  • For construction and road building sites
  • For areas where fuel may pose an environmental threat
  • For farms and household use

The tanks are equipped with lifting lugs, control openings, and a draining plug

Ordered separately:

  • Hand and electric pumps
  • Lifting handle
  • Pump cabinet
  • Locking options

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